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Filing and obtaining disability benefits should be straightforward – but rarely does this hold true.  Clients appreciate our disability claim consultants for our disability claim advice, foresight, and assistance in what is a very frustrating and tiresome process.

Royal Claims Advocates, LLC provides professional, experienced consulting services and case management to those who are making their initial applications or need assistance with the on-going and frequent communications and paperwork demanded during the disability claims process.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best advocacy firm devoted exclusively to the disability claims of our clients, protecting their rights and interests in recovering all of their benefit entitlements.

Our Experience

With more than 20 years experience working for disability insurance companies, our team has industry-insider knowledge of how claim examiners think, how claims are investigated, and how claims are paid or denied. While we are not attorneys nor do we practice law or give legal advice, our team of experts understands policy nuances and the significance of certain inquiries that even attorneys and medical professionals don’t realize are critical in obtaining disability benefits.

Our Service

Disability claim forms and repetitive requests for information are difficult for anyone to understand.  Our disability claim consultants work closely with our clients and their medical and financial professionals to answer the questions and prepare the required documentation to clearly prove the disability claim and discourage further inquiries.

Our Process

Sharing the investigative techniques used by insurance companies allow our clients to be prepared.  As professional disability claim consultants, skilled and experienced members of our team prepare our clients for interviews, independent medical examinations, phone calls, as well as visits by field representatives and/or vendors.

Our Cost Effectiveness

Our fees are only a fraction of our clients’ disability benefit payments – including those that may not be otherwise paid with a poorly designed claim.  Many policies also have riders that can provide payments above and beyond the base monthly benefit – if you know how to claim them.  Plus, our fees can be paid once our clients start collecting their disability benefits.  In other words, our disability claim consultants don’t get paid if our clients don’t get paid.

If you are having problems with your disability insurance claim, or have any further questions, please sign up below for a free consultation below from one of our experts or call our offices toll-free at (855) 828-4100.

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